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Not Hopeless Enough

It seems I start every blog post with a comment on how long it has been since I last blogged. This time, it has been over a year since the last entry. That’s impressive. =) I’m sure there have been people checking here everyday to see if today was the day that I would write. =) Well…I think this is the last time I will do that (comment on my infrequent blogging, not actually write.) I am going to accept that I am hopeless about blogging regularly. Since I only write to process thoughts anyway I should only need to apologize to myself.

Anyway…back to the original thought…I was walking last night and thinking about hope. For the most part, we are hope-filled creatures. If we started enumerating all the ways we have hope, most people would have numerous things to list. However, we all have bouts of hopelessness in our lives. Something isn’t going like we want and we struggle to keep hope. It’s easy to get myopic about the one thing in our lives that isn’t going well. The thought I had while walking was that maybe hopelessness is a good thing. Maybe I am not hopeless enough. I know… a strange thought.

Let’s see if I can make a case for my thought. Everyone has hope. To be sure, not everyone has the same amount of hope and not everyone has hope in the same things. But, I believe that once you cease to have hope in anything, you are not much longer for this world. Let me list a few things in which people have hope: enough money, people you love, a roof over your head, food to fuel your body, time, ability, normal life, entertainment, electricity, a good night’s rest, Jesus, health, productive work, good relationships, clothes that make you feel attractive, a car, a good credit history, the right body weight, the right candidate to get elected. There is only one thing on that list that you can bank on 100% of the time. One thing. One person, actually. You know who it is.

If you are not a follower of Jesus, you don’t have even one reason to have hope. You are experiencing God’s grace and mercy every second of every day. Every gift could be taken tomorrow, including your life, and God would have done you no wrong. Everything happening in your life (the good and the bad) is designed to drive you to Him… to acknowledge His supremacy in everything, so that you can know Him, so that you can thank Him. Everyone is on a journey to face Him. One day everyone WILL face Him. In this life, until you submit to Him and bow to Him as the King instead of yourself, you are taking what is His as your own. That’s theft and if we had a person in our lives that did that to us over and over again, they wouldn’t be in our lives very long. But… do not fear. God is good and forgiving. What He demands of us, He provides. He offers you Jesus. Your sin for His righteousness. He never did anything wrong. He gave up His life willingly to pay the penalty that God demands for sin. The Father poured out his wrath for sin on Jesus. Jesus paid the penalty for sin for anyone that trusts Him. He rose from the dead to prove that He was who He said He was and that He did what He said He would do. His perfect righteousness can be yours for the asking. You can’t beat that deal.

If you are already a follower of Jesus, you DO have a reason to hope. You have something rock solid to bank on everyday. Jesus will never leave you or forsake you. He will provide for your needs. He continues to forgive your sin. While I was walking I kept thinking how often I transfer this hope I have in Jesus into that gift list I listed earlier. If I am really honest, it’s the gift list giving me hope. I know… because if something goes away, I have a tendency to lose hope. Those aren’t good sources of hope. They are gifts, to be sure, but just that. They should produce thankfulness and reminders everyday of how good God is, but they aren’t good indicators of how much He loves me. The only thing that infallibly tells me how much I am loved is Jesus’ death for me.  If I turn the gifts into a hope source…they fail… and they all fail eventually. Using gifts as hope is idolatry. and an idol is just something we turn to for help other than God. So…maybe I am not hopeless enough. I’ve only got one reason to have hope… but, thankfully, it is a VERY good source of hope. When my false hopes fail, it drives me to the one good source of hope. Anything is good when it drives me to Jesus.

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