The First One

Okay… this is intimidating. The first blog post ever ought to be profound. Of course, if you are looking for profound you probably should be reading a different blog. The whole reason that this blog exists at the moment is to help me process what I am learning through reading the Bible through in 90 days. I stumbled across a site that was organizing an event to read through the Bible, and I decided to join them. The site was Mom’s Toolbox and it has really been a great source of encouragement.

Every day we read about 12 pages of the Bible, and it takes about an hour. Once a week, we check-in on the Mom’s Toolbox site to let our group leader know where we are in the reading. So far, so good. I’ve been tweeting a verse each day that jumps out to me as significant. Additionally, I want to process through in more depth some of the things God is showing me. I am on week 2 of the 90 day read through, so I’m just going to start where I am.

Scripture: Lev 3:13 “He is to lay his hand on its head and slaughter it in front of the Tent of Meeting.”

Observation: By the sinner’s own hand, he slaughters the sacrifice.

Application: The reading today was Leviticus 1 – 14. It was all about how to perform the prescribed sacrifice to atone for sin. I should probably go back and count how many times and how many ways God said this. The overwhelming feeling upon reading all of this is that sin is awful. How could we have any other feeling? You have to take an animal that is without blemish and put a knife to it’s throat (actually… I’m not sure how the animal was killed), and slice it open. That’s awful. I don’t think I can even imagine what that must have been like to do that day after day.

Today, the weight of sin fell on me again. God prescribed the offender to do the killing to atone for the sin. The sinner had to put his hands on the animal, and then use the knife. There is no other way to really repent. To put it in New Testament terms, you own your sin (put your hands on the sacrifice), and acknowledge that you killed Jesus (our spotless lamb). Really, really sobering. How can we sin casually if we get this? Yet, I know that I do. I sin and it doesn’t even bother me. Thankfully, not all the time, but more than I want.

Prayer: Father, forgive me for my sin and for my casual attitude towards my sin. Remind me each time what it costs to have my sin atoned. Please renew in me a heart that desires holiness in my inner being.