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His Definite Plan, Timing, and People

John 4:1-6
Therefore when the Lord knew that the Pharisees had heard that Jesus was making and baptizing more disciples than John 2 (although Jesus Himself was not baptizing, but His disciples were), 3 He left Judea and went away again into Galilee. 4 And He had to pass through Samaria. 5 So He came* to a city of Samaria called Sychar, near the parcel of ground that Jacob gave to his son Joseph; 6 and Jacob’s well was there. So Jesus, being wearied from His journey, was sitting thus by the well. It was about the sixth hour.

Jesus had a very definite plan with very definite timing with very definite people.

Seeing the word “Therefore”, makes you realize that the text is telling us this story based on reasons previously communicated. The prior chapter has told us two significant stories. The first is Jesus revealing to Nicodemus that eternal life comes through a second birth, not through the first physical birth. The second story is John revealing that Jesus’ ministry is more important than his own. Namely, that Jesus will remove the wrath of God from us. John 3:36 “He who believes in the Son has eternal life; but he who does not obey the Son will not see life, but the wrath of God abides on him.” So, with that backdrop, Jesus knew the time was right for Him to reveal specifically and directly that He was the promised Messiah.

Samaria is a country of outcasts and full of impurity to the Jewish religious order. The name of the town mentioned, Sychar, actually means town of the tombs…or town of the dead. It is full of Jewish history as the place Jacob gave Joseph and where Joseph actually was buried when his sons carried his body from Egypt back to Israel. So here, in the town of the dead, with the actual dead body of the first “savior” of Israel, Jesus will reveal himself to be the real Savior. Joseph had saved Israel through suffering. He was thrown into a pit by his brothers, sold into slavery, falsely accused and thrown into jail, and then exalted to a position of influence to save his nation from famine. Joseph famously says to his brothers as he forgives them, “As for you, you meant evil against me, but God meant it for good in order to bring about this present result, to preserve many people alive. “ Gen 50:20

Jesus comes to dead people and brings life with Him.

Wherever you find yourself at this moment in time, it is no accident. God has a perfect plan with perfect timing. When you are in the middle of something you don’t like or something that doesn’t feel good, it is easy to feel like it is just a big mess up. It’s not. Trust Him. He knows what He is doing. He knows ALL things. God is working all things… ALL things… to reveal Himself. We have been called for this moment in time to go to a far away place because God has a definite plan for a definite group of people. He’s doing a work in us and through us to reveal Himself to specific people in Ecuador. We don’t know all the details. We never will on this side of heaven. All we know is to be faithful in the moments He gives us. Rest in His plan. Rest in His timing. Repent of any lack of trust in Him. He is all-wise and all-good.

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